The Club is run by a Management Committee elected by the membership and all, including the trainers, are volunteers. 

The Committee consists of 4 office bearers and 8-12 members who are elected on an annual basis at our Annual General Meeting. The Club has several trainers who are entrusted to support MDTC members develop their dog training skills and knowledge through the use of force-free dog training methods.

Trainers are supported by the Club in keeping abreast of developments in training theory and practice.

Current Committee members are:

Angie Brady, Chairperson

Lynda Redpath, Vice Chairperson

Susan Edwards, Secretary

Sandra Tulloch, Treasurer

John Brady

Philip Chirnside

Jean Cassie

Graeme Cassie

Angela Miller

Jimmy Scott

John Hood

Maureen Berry

Colin Brown

Douglas Wilson

Midlothian Dog Training Club

MDTC was established in 1986 and is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to responsible dog ownership.  We subscribe to force-free training methods and values now widely accepted as the most humane and the most effective way of teaching dogs to be our happy, confident, and well-behaved companions.

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