The Committee consists of 5 office bearers and 8-12 members who are elected on an annual basis at our Annual General Meeting. The Club has a number of trainers (also volunteers) who are entrusted to support MDTC members develop their dog training skills and knowledge through the use of force-free dog training methods. The qualifications our trainers have are shown below.

The Committee are there to help with the daily running of the Club and, as well as our Trainers, will offer help and advice throughout the class. Most importantly we are there to help so please come and say hello to us.

  • Angela Brady-Chair
  • Susan EdwardsSecretary
  • Jean Cassie-Treasurer
  • Heather McQueen-Membership
  • Carolyn Spray
  • Jimmy Scott
  • Philip Chirnside
  • Gillian Ball
  • John Brady
  • Linda Johnstone
  • Steve Mason
  • Carol Robertson
  • Theresa Atkins
  • Gemma Ball Hon Junior Committee Member

  • Trainers
    Puppy Class
  • Susan Edwards IMDT Accredited
  • Jimmy Scott
  • John Hood - Kennel Club Accredited

  • General Training
  • Angela Brady -IMDT Accredited
  • John Hood - Kennel Club Accredited
  • Heather McQueen-IMDT Accredited

  • Agility
  • Jean Cassie-IMDT Accedited
  • Carolyn Spray