Elaine Ogston


Elaine Ogston Trainer

Elaine Ogston has been a member of the club since 2008 and began her path towards becoming a trainer about 18 months later. She has had other roles in the club including vice-chairman and chairman, but her heart really belongs in training, which she has been doing since 2010. She qualified as an IMDT trainer almost 2 years ago. She has a four year old American Bulldog crossbreed called Dileas. She takes most of the winter training indoor sessions, but likes to focus on the beginners when outdoors in the summer. She also runs a reactive class to help owners with dogs who have fear, frustration or aggression issues around other dogs and humans.


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Puppy Classes
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29 August - Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Test will take place at Vogrie

5 September - Last Training Night at Vogrie
13 September - Training returns to Ladywood at 7.30 pm